Morning Coffee: 5.27.08

Here in New York City, one of our favorite eateries/institutions is set to close. Is this news? Any place where you can see A-list celebs eating next to just-off-work transvestite prostitutes in harmony is news. {NYTimes}

In addition to being orphaned, wounded or ill, children in post-conflict areas around the world are also falling prey to sexual abuse–by the people sent to help them. {BBC}

Sydney Pollack, noted film director and the only one that could put Dustin Hoffman in a dress (“Tootsie”) is dead. {NYT}

Hillary Clinton, please come and get your husband–he’s getting fiesty about the media again. {CNN}

Canada’s foreign minister resigned over the weekend after admitting that he left classified documents in an unsafe place, how refreshing that it wasn’t due to an affair! {BBC}

JBaker is back…and tan!

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