Morning Coffee 5.28.08

Meet one of the most popular forces behind Al Qaeda and Islamic jihad–Malika El Aroud (her real name) who is causing a major ruckus. Maybe she’s bored because the $1,100 she receives in unemployment benefits is not cutting it. {IHT}

In the United States, illegal immigration from “south of the border” is a problem that the government has wasted poured millions of dollars into. Now there is a new problem–border patrol agents are becoming the best smugglers. {NYT}

Ok. So a group of elderly Egyptian born Jews wanted to go to Egypt to share their homeland with their children. Somehow rumours spread that they were on a mission to claim property as belonging to Israel, prompting hotels to deny them stay. Seeing that Israel has a pretty strong army, wouldn’t they just take the land if they wanted it (it’s happened before!)? Keep in mind that none of this has been proven. {BBC}

Sadly, in China, aftershocks are causing more destruction to the already shaken nation. {Reuters}

Fidel Castro is unhappy with Barack Obama’s promised stance on Cuba if he is elected. While he favors him for the US presidency, he’s upset that Obama is planning to maintain a trade embargo against the island. Wait – Fidel is alive? {Miami Herald}


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