Morning Coffee: 5.29.08

Gary, Gary, Gary. Coke & Ecstasy? Why must you make it harder for the brothas in Hollywood? Can we go back to the Janet Jackson and A Different World days when all you did was (presumably} smoke weed and listen to Lenny Kravitz? {People}

Wait. There is/was still a monarchy in Nepal? We need to go east more. {CNN}
Proving that the United States is still light years behind the rest of the world when it comes to social policy, the state of New York is now recognizing same-sex marriages–as long as they weren’t performed in the state. Why can’t everyone be entitled to divorce? {IHT}

Ok, read this for yourself: Monkey Brains, wounded soldiers and artificial limbs. No, it’s not a bad action movie–it’s science. {Telegraph}

Pirates are still very real, and don’t involve Johnny Depp or bad accents. {BBC}

Knife related crimes are up in the UK, prompting the government to produce a national campaign. Meanwhile in other countries (US included), 7 year olds are bringing guns to school. {Reuters}

David Eigenberg, who plays Steve on Sex and the City rarely watches the show, and skipped out on much of the movie–we love him even more. {NYMag}

-JBaker is a bad mamma jamma.

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