Morning Coffee: 5.30.08

Well. We made it. In honor of it being Friday, let’s make the morning news fun, shall we?

Martha. Oprah. Tyra? We don’t know about that one. Actually, we don’t know about this cover either… {YBF}

Got stretch-marks (or as I call them, “warrior stripes”)? They aren’t going anywhere and you really can’t prevent them, so ladies–let’s embrace em! {NYT}

Barack Obama is getting ready for a showdown! We are getting ready for an OJ Simpson like reaction when he wins the nomination, lol! {Guardian}

Attention society. Actress Sharon Stone is not a philosophical expert. {BBC}

OKAY. American Idol alum, Clay Aiken is going to be a father, by artificial insemination. My head hurts. Somewhere, Michael Jackson is sooooo jealous. {People}

– JBaker (has left the building…)

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