Morning Coffee: 5.5.08

Reggie Hudlin should have known that trying to “save” BET was an uphill battle. So why is he getting upset about his critics, which he dubs as “haters”? I guess being against raunchy videos, tv hosts who have no command of the english language and overall tackiness makes you against black people? Help me understand Reggie. {WashPo} Read the article, and then watch this.

Thankfully, the R.Kelly child-pornography trial is getting underway. It was reported on this weekend that a woman will testify that she had a three-way with Kelly and the underaged woman shown in the tape. Robby is still arguing that it wasn’t him in the tape. Hmmm, it looked like you to me! I smell a BET special. {MTV}

Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who held his daughter captive in his basement and fathered several children with her is pleading insanity in his defense case. I’m not joking. {TimesOnline}

Here in America, yesterday was the day that Democratic party candidates, who shall now be known as HilBama, took it all to tv. I will say this only once: don’t be surprised if McCain wins. Be upset, but not surprised. {CNN}

Speaking of which, Slate breaks down the delegate race in a form that we can finally understand. Hills, it’s not looking good girl. {Slate}

Should we be scared that NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg is in London to give it’s newly elected mayor, Boris Johnson advise on how to run a major city? This is the man who made sitting on a milk crate and taking up more than two subway seats illegal. {Guardian}

It’s Monday. Boooooooo!!!! The good news is that we have a lot of goodies for you this week. Stay tuned!

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