Morning Coffee: 5.6.08

The war over Project Runway is getting TRANNY FIERCE! After Lifetime Networks acquired the rights to the show, away from NBC Universal, NBC went and signed an exclusive pact with the hit show’s production team, leaving Lifetime to scramble to fill in the void. Ohh feisty! {LaTimes}

According to the New York Times, Bill Clinton has finally gotten his campaign swagger back, calling himself the “designated ambassador to the smaller parts of the country”. That sounds better than being Hillary’s bitch. {NYTimes}

Sadly, the new death count in the Burmese cyclone has been upped to about 10,000. {Telegraph}

In Somalia, citizens in Mogadishu have started to riot over enormously inflated food prices. Think about that while you decide what to have for lunch today. {Guardian}

Hola mi gente!!! McCain has started a Spanish language website to attract the Hispanic-American vote. Of course he is launching it on Cinco De Mayo…that little Mexican holiday that most Mexicans don’t even really celebrate especially since it’s now a reason for college co-eds to get drunk off of margaritas. I’m just waaaaaiting for the commercial when he speaks the language. {Reuters}

John & Elizabeth Edwards dish on their views concerning Obama and Hillary. Guess who likes who. {People}


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