Morning Coffee: 5.7.08

The last of the big primaries in the American Democratic party candidate race are over (this shit is longer than the MLB playoffs, right?). Well, it looks like Obama has taken North Carolina and Clinton has taken Indiana by a very narrow percentage. Obama is still leading in delegate votes by more than 200. {CNN}

Question, how does Rihanna maintain to keep her face in the rags? Seriously, shouldn’t she have something new out by now? I blame the haircuts and a REALLY good publicist. {People}

So Dave Chappelle wants to film his next “Block Party” in Dubai? Dope! Just one word Dave & crew….do NOT bring, buy or smoke weed while you are there…you see what happened to Dallas Austin. {Wooohah}

A Fendi Chainsaw, a Versace Rifle and a LV Electric Chair? Only in LA….{Gallery1998 Blog}

The TIME “World’s Most Influential People’ List is out. Are we on it? Not yet! {TIME}

In March, People set a record, paying what industry executives say was $5 million or more for the first public pictures of Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and their newborn twins.”
How much do you think your or your baby’s pictures are worth? A few million?Personally, my newborn “Dr.Evil” pinky-to-the-lip shot is priceless. {NYTimes}


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