Morning Coffee: 5.8.08

(Photo: Chang W. Lee/The New York Times)

Remember Sean Bell. Yesterday in New York City, Al Sharpton led a massive protest that blocked traffic from coming into Manhattan, leading to arrests. This was in conjunction with protests coordinated around the country in Chicago and Atlanta. {NYTimes}

Sadly, another war in this world may be on the verge of breaking out. Georgia is not feeling Russia right now and the guns have already been drawn. But we are in America and won’t care after two weeks of coverage, so why bother. {Reuters}

Big news. Amy Winehouse was arrested on suspicion of drug posession…and then released. {BBC}

My office has a Tinkler…and I HATE her. She needs to be slapped with a roll of Charmin. {O}

In London, official are pushing that police should identify and constantly film and harass young thugs. isn’t that whole human rights violation issue going to be a problem? {Guardian}

Dammm. It seems like folks all over the country are calling for Hills just to bow out gracefully, especially seeing that she just loaned herself 6.4 million to keep her campaign running. {NYMag}


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