Morning Coffee: 5.9.08

Yesterday, Barack Obama made a “victory strut” of sorts around the Capitol building, my guess is he’s practicing for his State of The Union speeches. {NYT}

So the death toll in Burma is now at about 23,000. So why is the Burmese government taking it’s sweet time in opening the flow of global aid to the country? {BBC}

In Malibu (CA), local officials are working to curb the amount of paparazzi that is invading the town. So they enlist the help of Ken Starr, the guy who basically started and investigated the whole Clinton/Lewinsky drama? He’s like a legal gossip columnist! {LaTimes}

Sadly, but not surprisingly, one of Mexico’s top police officials and anti-drug officers was assassinated by a drug cartel. Hey Mexico: Yay to taco trucks, No to drugs! {AP}

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has admitted to taking cash from an American business man, but is saying no to resigning as a result of a police investigation. Maybe he thought that being one of the “chosen people” had it’s privileges? {Reuters}

And oh yeah…..It’s Friday!


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