NC Says: “We Votin Obama Way…”

That’s right–Senator Barack Obama took home the North Carolina primary yesterday with 56 percent of the vote vs. 42 percent for Sen. Clinton, while she flipped it in Indiana with 51 percent vs. Obama’s 49. However, any way you want to spin it, this race will continue to go on as mass media will continue to dig for more controversial fodder to write about and Clinton’s true colors will continue to shed layer-by-layer by the week.

We’ve all seen Will.i.am’s lovely tribute to the Illinois senator, but how about a fresh hipster/ LA/hip hop/ funk version by Sa-Ra’s own Taz Arnold, featuring cameos by Fab Five Freddy, Kanye West, Consequence, J-Davey, Shepherd Fairey, Jay-Z, Chris Brown…and shall I say, Gwen Stefani’s lovely Harajuku Girls? Check it. We think it’s pretty safe to say that this video was also secretly funded by American Apparel.

* Big ups to director Kenzo Hakuta*

– Mahogs

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