No Marimekko for Minorities?

Being an avid web surfer (ok, I am kinda hungover and bored at work today) I came across a posting on Racked today about H&M planning to move into the Fulton Mall shopping district. For those who not familiar, Fulton mall is in Brooklyn, NY and is a far cry from luxury, basically it’s your typical jeans, fitted caps, t-shirts and sneaker supply area, complete with bootleg dvd vendors.

Btw, 85% of it’s clientele is Black & Hispanic. Now that you have the back story – here is what the blogger wrote:

Downtown Brooklyn: Via Racked informants, we hear that one of the next retail tenants for the bustling Fulton Street Mall will be none other than cheap-chic clothing chain H&M. The new store will be the second Brooklyn location for the company, which also has an outpost in the Kings Plaza Mall way down on Flatbush and Avenue U. It makes sense: H&M will fit right in with all the other flashy, inexpensive shops along Fulton. We can’t see Marimekko flying off the shelves over there, though.

Marimekko being the uber-chic line of floral prints that is having it’s current run @ H&M. I totally see how one could take issue with this comment, basically the writer, Leslie Price is not sure if Brooklyn-based Black & Hispanic consumers appreciate high design. Pause. No matter how you read it, this statement was ill said.

Now will the average 19 year-old that frequents Fulton mall after-school appreciate the history and cache of Marimekko? Probably not. But will they like it? We think so, style is style no matter the label–isn’t that the premise of H&M–affordable fashion?

This comment reminds me of what I call the “Sex & The City Syndrome” that seems to plague many affluent, Manhattanites. Remember when Miranda was faced with moving to Brooklyn? She practically was willing to pay more money for less space, because she could remain in the city. Actually, they all had a bit of a “scoff” attitude when it came to the outer-boroughs.

So naturally, the comments on this post are a bit of this…a bit of that…see for yourself:
Racked: Storecasting: H&M to Set Up Shop on Fulton Mall


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