Perspiration Anonymous

Step 1: Admit your problem.

I am a sweater.

Step 2: Accept your problem.

I accept that I am a sweater.

Step 3: Do something about the problem.

Hmmm…I’m working on Step 3…

As fate would have it, I just met Project Runway alum, Kara Saun, at the 10th Anniversary Gen Art’s Styles International Design competition. She was in attendance to, well, talk about fashion – that’s a given, and to also talk about her partnership with Botox. Turns out she’s put many of her clients on to Botox (she’s a spokesperson) for excessive underarm sweating. Not sure I’m ready to let someone stick needles in my ‘pits, but at least I know it’s an option.

“Some people never think about sweating at all – but for some who get excessive underarm sweating, it’s something that impacts their daily activities, including their fashion choices,” she told me. And I, wearing two shirts and a jean jacket, obviously agreed. But, needles in my ‘pits?

Maybe I’ll just take a style cue from Ms. Saun…


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