Roberto Cavalli wants men to wear leopard but they’re afraid…

So I was reading this post about designer Roberto Cavalli (aka leopard print’s best friend) talking about…what else…fashion. Along with choice bits like Kate Moss is great in front of the camera and I don’t care if she’s a crack head, Cavalli also said that he likes dressing women more than men because…

“with a woman I can have a fantasy and create something special. Men today don’t have any personality because it’s not permitted. Men want to dress differently but they’re afraid.”

His words made me think of one of my favorite Madonna songs called “What It Feels Like For A Girl.” Madge is basically talking about how there are contradictory roles for women, be strong…but not that strong, etc. But the track’s intro also hints that maybe men would like to know what it is like to be a woman (no homo) in regards to dressing. Maybe men do want to be a little more creative in their clothing choices but can’t for fear of being, dare I resurrect the word from the early 2000’s, metrosexual? Now I know NYC is a special place…a crazy planet where men are allowed to obsess about their scarves and get mani/pedi’s like us (I know you see them in the nail shop too ladies…) but outside of the creative community—are our men fashionably repressed?

Just a talking point…are your boyfriends/brothers/friends restricted in their fashion choices or should I just chalk this up as a another reason it’s fab to be a woman?

Madge’s clip after the jump…listen to the words and tell me if I’m just a nutter. [FWD]

Steely D

ps. you know you want that leopard swing coat…lol.

“What It Feels Like For A Girl” the OG version, with the remix below. FYI- Madge’s husband film maker Guy Ritchie shot this clip and it was banned from MTV for a bit because she gets a smidge violent. Still, I want her car just for the tags, lol…

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