SEX DRIVE: Wipe Me Down Pt. 2

Remember when I surmised that in the male mind a warm towel beats a snuggle session everytime? Well, today is my female follow-up and ladies, I must concede. I finally agree with men when they say that women are more complicated. Why? Well, when I asked a girlfriend about her best post-coital experience, she said:

“Well, what do you mean? Am I in a relationship with that person or…? Is this experience after head or actual sex?”

“Just after you’ve slept with someone,” I said. “It was great and then he did something that made you think- this is the BEST!”

“Well, I don’t know, it depends on how I feel about him,” she said.

Now I agree that emotions do affect how we women view our sexual experiences but jeez! Just tell me what he did already.

Thankfully, a moderate number of girlfriends did hit me back with reasonable responses, despite how they felt (or feel) about their male companion. Here are a few of their responses. Take heed gentlemen, if you’re lurking.

“He asked if I wanted more! Hahahaha…Most dudes usually lose stamina and have only one round in them. He happily re-loaded.”

“My ex of six years used to cuddle next to me and rub my back like I was the most delicate person on earth. Then he’d roll a joint, we’d light up and go to sleep. I miss him…what’s his number?!?”

“He drew a warm bath for me and washed my hair. It was awesome!”

“When they blow on your body lightly..its like he’s saying thank you.”

“We held each together, but it depends on how I’m feeling at the time.” (You already which girlfriend this was, lol)

“Cook for me.”

“He ran me a bath, lit candles and cooked for me.”

He gave me a massage.”

“Let me sleep, I knock out after good sex, so…”

“He left.” (always one of these, right?)

“One guy proposed marriage after, it wasn’t real but it confirmed how good it felt for him.”

“One guy made me a peanut butter and honey sandwich and poured me some Champagne, like feed the beast. lol.”

Those were my faves, ladies. Hit me at with anything you want me to investigate and ’til next time…did you masturbate today? You should’ve.


ps. I couldn’t think of a song to compliment this post…got any suggestions ladies?

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