Steel Magnolias’ Weezer X Coco Chanel

Aw man…I am EX-Cited. I don’t know about you but I’m a total girl when it comes to Steel Magnolias. I cry EVERYTIME. And while Shirley MacLaine’s turn as Ouiser (aka Weezer) wasn’t my favorite character in the flick, (I see you Olympia Dukakis)…I still loved her grouchiness and that temperamental dog. So bring on the Coco Chanel miniseries on Lifetime, in all it’s minimally accessorized glory, starring the talented MacLaine as Coco. But I have to mention that the fact the series is going to be on Lifetime will probably diminish the production quality…I highly doubt Coco would share the same stage as Alyssa Milano. But still, I can’t wait for all the suits, hats, gloves and dainty purses. All the hoopla might even spark a Chanel comeback that even Daria couldn’t get cracking. Here’s W Mag’s piece on the flick.

Thoughts, ladies?

Steely D

(ed note: Steely, dunno why you are my homie because you KNOW I will eventually turn into Weezer, with the dog & everything…-JBaker)

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