Super-Sized Saunas

Saunas are good for the skin – they detox, they stimulate circulation, they soothe muscles, they tighten pores. I get it. But at Spa Castle, a five-story/ 60,000 square foot super spa in Queens, N.Y., one sauna just isn’t enough.

This super-facility (recently featured in the NY Times and inspired by traditional Asian spas) brings together seven uniquely themed rooms – including a salt sauna room lined with pure blocks of salt from the Himalayas and a gold room filled with solid gold plates known to comfort sore limbs.

I’m still up in the air about this place. It’s a little too theme-parky for my tastes (read: lines, wristbands, and strangers in swimsuits). For a beauty junkie like me, though, there is something very intriguing about this odd spa.

If anyone goes, tell me what you think.


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