Throwback: Smashing Pumpkins

Long long ago, in a suburb far far away, when I was teen and Smashing Pumpkins‘ lead singer Billy Corgan wasn’t a poet/douche (ha!), a song came out with a drum pattern so hypnotizing, I instantly fell in love with it. And then I liked “Ava Adore” too. 1996 wasn’t a bad year. Ladies, (& Lanzkie) I give you my Smashing Pumpkins Throwback, “1979.”

-Steely D aka THE ECLECTOR (get it? from eclectic? nevermind…)

ps. RIP “alternative” music…kinda like “neo-soul” right? Barring Musiq, of course…how is he the only artist that made it out of the 90s? Wild.

“Tonight, Tonight” dropped in 1995, technically. I always thought this video was funky in a good way.

I just loved the fuzzy base on this joint “Ava Adore” because, honestly, what the hell is Billy even talking about anyway? And what’s up with the Adams family get-up? Whatevs, it was a good song.

This one also got the SP alot of burn, “despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage!” RAWK! How great was it to be an angry “misunderstood” teen? ha…sigh.

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