A Museo for Mother…

What’s the best gift you’ve even given your parents? Travel? Jewelry? Real Estate?
In Chile, Jorge Yarur Bascuñán has us all beat—to keep his parent’s memory alive, he created an entire museum dedicated to fashion, the Museo de la Moda. Apparently, it is the only of it’s kind in South America. Kinda makes my NYC shopping trip for mother’s day seem like a box of Whitman’s chocolates.

…Despite having no knowledge of fashion history, conservation or how to run a museum, Yarur created it from scratch. It has taken nine years, but the museum now has some of the most important examples of 17th-, 18th- and 19th-century fashion, rare pieces by Charles Worth, Balenciaga and Paul Poiret, as well as Hollywood memorabilia from Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford and Cary Grant.

Thanks Jorge! Hopefully my mum never reads the Telegraph again, because a weekend at Bergdorf’s will simply not do anymore. But as with anything that is rooted in love, the Museo is a deeply personal project of Yarur’s:

In 1999 Yarur began his collection, based on what his parents had so carefully preserved over the years. ‘My mother kept everything, even all my baby clothes. It was very emotional for me to go through them. But I decided to give everything to the museum. It was a way for me to begin my life. As an only child, you don’t have anyone to share the grief with. So I left my house, with everything in it, and I started to live my life.‘”

I wonder what a fashion museum inspired by my mom would look like. Think St. John and Sunny Names suits, lots of costume jewelry and furs. Yes, PETA hates my mother and she just wishes someone would throw paint on her ‘chilla. As for Yarur, his memorial is gaining international interest and rave reviews for having some of the world’s best fashion all under one roof:

“...He even seems to have won over those curators who initially may have eyed him with suspicion. Andrew Bolton, of the Costume Institute, described a tour of the Museo de la Moda as a ‘poetic experience’…

Anyone up for a trip to Chile? We can stop in Argentina on the way, where shopping is still an out-of-body experience—we’ll just leave our mothers at home so they don’t get any ideas.

Museo de la Moda: Mummy’s Dearest {Telegraph}


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