Afternoon Tea 6.05.08

^^The Parisian Bridget Jones…but author Faïza Guène says she’s still a victim of France’s not so subtle racism. [Guardian]

A Swedish study says that drinking will stop the spread of Rheumatoid arthritis. We hope so after all that “Obama Juice” last night. [BBC]

The Chicago Tribune breaks down the R.Kelly trial. We think he might actually go to jail for all of this. What do you think? Jbakes said she’d be surprised at the US justice system if he really does. I’m just wondering- does this mean his new album isn’t ever coming out? [ChiTrib]

There’s a Sex & the City book full of insider tidbits and fashion photos. [BagSnob]

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is out of jail in Zimbabwe and back on the campaign trail. [CNN]

We LOVE Vogue‘s Andre Leon Talley. Did you see his LV bag in the Sex & the City movie? It had his name on it!!! heart. [C&D]

-it’s almost Friday, come on baby… Steely D

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