Afternoon Tea 6.09.08

Apple announced their new iPhone 2 device today in San Francisco…some people ^^^ still don’t want one. Do you? [BBC]

Jessica Alba aka Mrs. Cash Warren gave birth to a daughter this weekend. No name yet, congrats! [Dlisted]

Jay-Z remixed everyone’s fave: Wayne’s “A Milli”…now it’s “A Billi. Thoughts? Jay loves to remix random songs, and not always when the folks who actually made the song want him to— like Mavado’s “I’m on the Rock”[Nahright]

Senator Hillary Clinton’s “I quit” speech clip. Is it just me or are you just a BIT sad for her…I mean she really pulled out almost all of the tricks in her politico bag. [Newsweek]

Heatherette’s Richie Rich to do a line for staple mall store, Hot Topic. Um…ok. [Fashionista]

I’m really on the music tip today (I see you Lanzkie) but here’s another Coldplay track…”Lost Acoustic.” [MissInfo]

RECAP: Janet Jackson’s Discipline didn’t sell a bunch and her label, Def Jam, stops promoting the album. She says all of that out loud…and her fansite jumps in to explain… [TGJ]

And finally, the Lakers lost last night and I am sad. Get it together you guys!!! [ESPN]

Today is Monday, it is a new week and four days closer to the beach on Saturday…Sidenote, WORD says that Alicia Keys is shooting “Superwoman” as her next video…I like that song, plus Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter III” finally drops tomorrow June 10 after like a year of delays. What do you think he’s going to sell? I just want him to stop drinking his drugs. Seriously, I’m worried about him. -Steely D

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