Afternoon Tea 6.10.08

Here’s what the new iPhone 3g looks like and apparently Apple really made it competitive to the Blackberry so corporate companies would purchase the device in bulk for their employees. Yipee! [NYT]

I kinda want to see Mike Myers’ The Love Guru on June 20 and I love that the film circles around a black couple. Niceness, not to mention Jessica Alba giving birth to her daughter Honor this weekend is like perfect publicity, no? [YT]

Baby Alert: Tori Spelling and her husband welcomed a daughter, Stella Doreen McDermott. Children are falling from the sky… [ETUK]

Um…remember Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones? They were two of former President Clinton’s other women…and now they’re selling their tales of presidential romping on the internet! Wanna hear it? **Note to Obama: please don’t hurt our feelings and kill our perfect image of you with scary stories of chics skeletons in your closet. Stay strong!** [AP]

Nas released his first official single, “Hero,” yesterday and I actually like it. And here’s the controversial video for “Be A N*gger Too,” which he paid for himself. Watch it after the jump. Thoughts? [OS]

Yeah for the “big” girls! Sex & the City‘s Kim Cattrall is breaking barriers by carrying off a size…wait for it…8!!! Apparently, this size causing problems if you’re trying to get free clothes from designers who rely on sample sizes like 2 and 4. Hooray for reality! [Fashionista]

-Steely D says…three more days until Saturday’s beach time.

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