Afternoon Tea 6.11.08

While Los Angeles re-enacts “The Wire” (ie. firing all of the teachers, leaving the kids to find their own criminal way), Michelle Obama is the media’s frying pan. BTW, Mrs. Obama will be co-hosting “The View” on June 18- I can’t wait to see how she handles Elizabeth. Set your DVR’s ladies!!! [LAT 1] [LAT 2]

My boyfriend BLU’s new joint “Departing Flights.” [ListenHere]

Remind me never to hit an African country during an election. In Kenya, the memory of several deaths (two a plane crash, the other two-who knows) are hanging over the country’s upcoming elections. [BBC]

Here’s a little something to make from those leftovers, Mark Bittman-style. [NYT]

Kersten Fritzl, the youngest daughter of the scary incest torturer, Josef Fritzl, and his daughter, which he kept locked in a basement most of her life, will survive her organ failure. The 19 year-old girl’s illness initially tipped off Austrian authorities to all the Fritzl’s shenanigans. Her mother/sister is also coming out of her coma. Smh. [BBC]

Alicia Keys’ “Superwoman” makes her feel fantastic even when she’s a mess. Why are you in my head Alicia? Stop that! lol… [MTV]

OK, two and a half more days ’til Saturday’s beach time…Steely D

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