Afternoon Tea 6.12.08

Sorry Euro Parlour maids but M.I.A. isn’t touring over the pond. Meanwhile Janet Jackson, who already has a US tour slated, MIGHT go out on a Euro tour but it hasn’t been scheduled yet. [NYMag]

In the UK, In Vitro Fertilization is up for debate. A recent study says that the procedure doesn’t increase the chance of a successful pregnancy nor reduce the possibility of miscarriages in older women, while a leading doctor says it does. [BBC]

Do you like Lil’ Wayne’s “Lollipop?” Well, 423,000 other people do…his album “Tha Carter III” hit shelves Tuesday June 10 and he’s sold almost gold in the first few days. Despite the choppiness of the album, there are some choice jams on there like “Dr. Carter,” my boy’s fave “Tie My Hands” ft. Robin Thicke and my jam, “Let The Beat Build.” Since my homegirl Moochie asked if it was worth the money, I’d have to say yes. Buy it if you haven’t downloaded it already. [NahRight]

independent DEMOCRAT Joe Lieberman endorsed REPUBLICAN Presidential candidate John McCain. Didn’t Joe Lieberman throw Al Gore under the bus during his run for the US presidency? What the hey is the matter with him? [LAT]

Vintage R&B singer Alexander O’Neal spotted! You know I love him, lol… [SR]

EW gives us 23 movies that you have to see on the big screen. Um, I saw Psycho and I laughed out loud at the “surprise” ending. (fyi, wasn’t supposed to be funny) Sorry Alfred, the suspense was great but the guy in his grandma’s wig? Not believable. [EW]

One and a half more days…Steely D

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