Afternoon Tea 6.16.08

In The Heights, a musical about a young Dominican’s assimilation into American culture nabbed the coveted “Best Musical” award at the Tony’s last night. The piece won over juggernauts like Chicago and South Pacific. Think I’ll take my mom when she visits. [LA]

You know how folks like to stand behind TV news reporters and wave? Well, that can get you arrested in Italy. [BBC]

YES!!! The Lakers finally acted like they knew and won last night. No, Steely D still doesn’t like Kobe, but I do see the NBA’s PR push to get the fans to stop hating him. What other players are constantly met by their wife and 2 little girls after every half? Kiddies in the after-game press room? I see you David Stern. [ESPN]

The works of novelist Richard Wright, author of “Native Son,” are being reissued. I think I want to read “Black Power.” [A&L]

I still kinda want this Prada tote…I think it’s the color pattern but the handles leave something to be desired. Thoughts? [B]

According to NY Mag, Senator Clinton still won. by losing. yep. [NYMag]

Good afternoon good folks- can I ask you a question? What do you really think of the R.Kelly trial? Do you think it’s fair or do you think our country has an affinity for letting off celebs? I’d love to hear your thoughts… Steely D

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