Afternoon Tea: 6.19.08

Stan Winston, guru of character make-up and “live-action animation effects,” succumbed to multiple myeloma on Monday at age 62. Winston is responsible for our fave old (and new) box office hits: Remember the black teeth and purple-ey red circles around Penguin’s eyes in Batman Returns or the gnarly metal-skeleton hand on Arnold Schwarzenegger that made Arnold The Terminator or the jagged scissors on Johny Depp in Edward Scissor Hands. He also added his touch to Iron Man. The Guardian pays homage to the Winston’s work with with image’s of Stan’s most iconic characters.[Guardian]
Israel & Hamas decided to back off on each other for the rest of of the year, and began their six-month cease fire today. But Israeli PM Olmert gave critics a reason to be skeptical, when he said “the truce would be fragile and could be short-lived.” [BBC]

Billy Ray Cyrus Says “stuff happens” about the racy Vanity Fair picture (shot by Annie Lebowitz) of daughter Miley that caused quite the hubbub in recent times while chatting to Meredith Viera on the Today Show. [E]

Severed feet have been washing up on the coast of Canada lately. The sixth human foot (“in a man’s size 10 Adidas athletic shoe”) arrived on the shores of British Columbia on today… The last foot was found on Monday June 16 on the coast of Westham Island. We suspect once this is over, some young director will interpret it all in a horror film. [CNN]

“If I were to watch the news that you hear in the United States, I would just blow my brains out,” said CBS Chief correspondent Lara Logan, just back from Iraq, when she appeared on the Daily Show. [MediaBistro]

—Bobbi says Hey Parlour Fam! “I’m the rookie on the all-star team.” Just got back from Turks and Caicos to bring you your AT. I will also be bringing you unapologetic vulgarity, my affection for Bibimbap (a yummy Korean dish) and other delights.

Image Credit: Guardian

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