Afternoon Tea: 6.23.08

One of Time Mag’s 100 most influential people, Cuba-based blogger Yoani Sanchez—who says “eff you” to the man and documents everyday life in communist-Cuba—was snubbed by a bitter Castro, who called her latest top online journalism award from Spain, “just another prize.” This comes after the Cuban gov. denied homegirl a visa to go accept her award! [Caribbean Net News]

Funny Man George Carlin died of heart failure on Sunday at age 71. Carlin just received a Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. In his honor we leave you with a YouTube link to Carlin’s infamous “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.” [NYTimes]

Publicists are working on keeping movie, TV & book critics out of the loop by making it harder for reviewers to see/read films, shows and literature before the public gets its first glimpse. I say, if people stopped making shitty movies, book & TV shows, they wouldn’t have to worry about bad reviews! ouch??? Anyway with the Internet, reviews are becoming a thing of the past. [Guardian]

In the Philippines the search continues for missing bodies/survivors after a typhoon wiped out a ferry carrying more than 800 people. [BBC]

In India the number of baby girls to be born and survive is decreasing with a ratio of 300-1000 girls-boys. [BBC]

—Bobbi is in need of some serious alignment after a weekend of shaking margarita’s and muddling mojitos.

P.S. I’m Sorry if I led anyone astray on Saturday night. Got a little excited—Cold War Kids play this Friday June 27 not Saturday June 21.

image credit: (Yoani Sanchez)

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