Afternoon Tea: 6.24.08

Tomorrow, screenings of Malcolm McLaren’s (Sex Pistols) film Shallow begin playing in Times Square. So instead of checking out another dope outfit from SuChin Pak’s on your stroll past the MTV screen you can check out McLaren’s “musical paintings.” It’s really a win-win {XLR8R}

In Kota Bharu, Malaysia, women are being told to stop wearing make-up to lessen their probability of being raped. Don’t bother reading it again; it sounds just as ridiculous the second time. {Guardian}

Designer and super stylist Patricia Field (think SATC‘s Carrie Bradshaw’s always chic, ever zaney outfits) designed four new Diet-Coke bottles that are FIERCE! ..aaand $100 a set {fashionista}

So, we thought Israel and the Gaza Strip were on a sixth month cease-fire. But Israel forces killed two Palestinians in the West Bank and then Gaza fired three rocket to Southern Israel. I guess old habits die hard. {Al Jazeera}

Judging from the major traffic-stopping farmer protests in Argentina a few months back, we can only guess that Argentines hate taxes. Well Argentina’s Congress is about to re-open the subject of export taxes, so you might wanna start importing your grass-fed rib-eye from oh I dunno somewhere else that doesn’t have the best beef of your LIFE. {NYT}

I love hip-hop drama (even though it is sooo tame these days). So, Ice-T gave Soulja Boy Tell’em a scolding on Cisco’s Urban Legend mixtape. He told SJB to “eat a dick!” Check out SJB’s response to Ice-T. Kanye added his two-cents and then sided with the young Soulja. {MTV}

image credit: XL8R

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