Afternoon Tea 6.25.08

Bobby-Bobby-Bobby Digi-Digi-Digi (a.k.a. the RZA) just dropped a new record, Digi Snax (Koch Records), yesterday. Okay Player embedded a little treat, “Try Ya Ya Ya,” for us. {Okay Player}

Cuba Scientists announced the first lung cancer vaccine to EVER be approved is available for use in Cuba’s hospitals. {Caribbean Net News}

So, maybe all that save the Everglades talk is finally paying off. The US Sugar Corp agreed (tentatively) to selling 300sq miles to state of florida and the glades are set for a major expansion. {BBC}

How many BBC’s are there? We still don’t know. But just found out that the BBC will launch a new version of the iPlayer that combines TV and Radio shows for viewers. {Guardian}

In anticipation for Glastonbury 2008, the Guardian has compiled a free, downloadable Glastonbury playlist—with CSS, Crystal Castles, White Denim and Neon Neon—that my afro is swaying to as we speak. {Guardian}

The ABC reality show “I survived a Japanese Game Show” premiered last night (and I missed it!). Along with a handful of other external factors, the premier had contestants running on a treadmill while their teammates ate mochi balls off their head! {RealityTVMagazine}

Gas is so high that folks in Texas are crossing the Mexican bordder to fill up. {NYT}

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