Afternoon Tea 6.4.08

Why CeCe Peniston must make a comeback…window pane dresses are in. [Fashionista]

Obama’s officially on the hunt for a running mate. [BBC]

Apparently Senator Hillary Clinton wasn’t feminisist enough and that (not the crying or “mis-speaking” (yeah-i don’t think that’s a real word either) was her biggest problem. [Slate]

Meanwhile over in Zimbabwe, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been detained by police…during the election. aye. [BBC]

“Umbrella” Watch 2008 (as in, what’s this year’s song of the summer): Lil Wayne’s “Comfortable?” Thoughts? To be honest, I downloaded Tha Carter III this weekend but have been too busy bumping Sara Bareilles to listen. Take from that what you will. [NYMag]

Teen sex rates are actually slowing down! I knew I was noticing less pregnant 16 year-olds on the way home. [Gawker]

Sorry for the afternoon evening tea ladies. it’s been a wild day…now I’m going to drink in the name of Obama. GO BARACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Steely D @

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