Afternoon Tea 6.6.08

Are you enjoying Alicia Keys’ transition from tomboy to fashionista? Me too! And it’s all thanks to stylist Wouri Vice—check out his interview. Best quote: Wouri says, “Don’t give up on yourself. Stay in prayer. Follow your dreams. People are gonna try to knock you down. There’s always someone in the background, so be confident in what you can do.[FB]

While Obama and Clinton are meeting privately, the Guardian found and interviewed the democratic nominee’s Kenyan grandmother. [Guardian1] [Guardian2]

Remember Vin Diesel? He’s a new papa today after welcoming his daughter into the world. [People]

Boston wins game 1 against the Lakers in the NBA finals…I feel like I’m nine years old again! [USAToday]

Unemployment jumps to 5.5%, experts say expect more job loss in the coming weeks. [CNN1] [CNN2]

listening to Wayne’s album, Tha Carter III, I feel like I’M high. lol…It’s not terrible and it’s not great. The mood kinda reminds me of David Bowie and Billy Joel’s druggie days with Kanye’s talkaholic-ness (one interlude on why he “don’t respect” Al Sharpton is around 5 mins, I swear). Lulling beats if that makes any sense…Anyway, we made it to Friday ladies!!! Enjoy that weather and tell me what you did on Monday. – Steely D @

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