Better Than Sex?

While what seems like the rest of the world has been collectively holding it’s breath and having mini-orgasms for Carrie and the “Sex and The City” ensemble, I’ve been having a secret affair with another woman, and I’m loving it. I even pushed back my own SATC movie sojurn so I can spend more time with her this weekend. She’s that good.

Who would make me give up my tix? Her name is Belle and she is the star of Secret Diary of A Call Girl, a current UK hit that will be making it’s way to the United States this June. An angel across the pond at ITV was kind enough to drop a dvd of the entire series into the post for me, and I’m hooked.

Based on the book and blogs of London call girl Belle de Jour, Secret Diary is a hilarious personal glimpse into the world of high-priced sex, told by the deceivingly girl-next-door looking Belle/Hannah, played convincingly by Billie Piper.

Having made the decision to enter this lifestyle, Belle has chosen to completely distance her two lives away from each other, different cell phones, closets, even living areas. What remains consistent is that these two lives are living in one body, and that is where to drama lies.

In addition to the story line and its array of characters, viewers are also given a chance to view a contemporary, multicultural (ok, maybe not too diverse, but the johns certainly come in a wide variety!) London in the background, basically–this is no “Notting Hill”. More importantly, the show features one of the best mixes of music that I’ve heard in a LONG time, music junkies like me will definitely not be disappointed.

One could see this show as a glorification of prostitution, exploitation and the like, which is a very valid argument. Secret Diary tends to teeter on the verge of a “Pretty Woman” like fantasy of hoe-dom. What makes this show unique is that Belle’s character has made a very conscious decision to engage in this lifestyle, and we watch her as she pays the price for her decision, mentally and emotionally. Does the show glorify prostitution? Yes, lightly. Is this television, not to be confused with an adult/parent/mentor? Yes.

Seeing that Belle is not a streetwalker, she is somewhat shielded from the grit of this world, but the show does manage to touch on the issues that would effect a prostitute at any level–albeit, very, very lightly. It would be beneficial for the writers/producers to consider going a little deeper. Let’s see how the next season is…

Now keep in mind, I’ve been privy to see the UK version and edit, which may differ from what will debut in the US. Originally, Showtime considered just buying the rights to it and in true American fashion, re-shooting it with American actors (and accents), but in the end, the original version was too good to shelve. I can’t imagine any American actress being willing to engage in Diary’s sex scenes that may make the SATC team blush. Now only if we could work on Belle’s wardrobe…


Interested? Here is a sneak peek:

Secret Diary of a Call Girl debuts on June 16th at 10:30pm on Showtime

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