Enduring Beauty

After discussing politics and then maxi-dresses with one of my friends, our brunch conversation turned to beauty. Particularly, how nearly every actress and model in Hollywood has had at least one type of cosmetic procedure to enhance or change their features.

Just when I thought we were about to switch subjects (I was dying to talk about the Sex in the City movie) my friend turns to me and asks: If you had to live with one beauty faux pas for the rest of your life what would it be?

I was blown away by the question. I had never thought about it. Sure, I could tell you what I would like to change (i.e. my oily T-zone, pale legs, and over-active sweat glands under my arms), but when it came to the one thing I wouldn’t mind putting up with for 50+ more years? Tough question.

After a moment of pondering my friend’s query, I decided upon my pale legs – the least of the beauty evils. At least I could slap on some body bronzer and pretend I was a golden goddess, right?

What beauty faux pas do you think you could live with?

-Mrs. Ayren

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