I recently had a quarter life crisis. I hated my glamourous job and cozy condo in New Jersey. It was a long time coming. I moved to NY from Atlanta in 2002. I had a beautiful two bedroom apartment in Crown Heights. I could have lived there forever, but I started moving too fast. I got a new job, making more money so I wanted to spend it. I “thought” I hated my neighborhood and was making my landlord rich, so I wanted to buy something. BK was too expensive so I decided Jersey was the place to be.

Two pay raises later, I was stuck in a condo I never really liked (as I have mentioned before) and a dream job that was not so dreamy. So in April I decided it was time to move on. I quit my job and subsequently moved out my condo the next day (renting it out to another sucker who thinks she has the dream job at the same company).

The plan was to move back to Hotlanta, a city that I’ve always loved. Everything about Atlanta was perfect when I lived there all those years ago. Every time I visited for work or play in the last few years, I felt nostalgic, waiting for the day I could return. Except, over the last two months I made three trips to my beloved city only to find that I am no longer in love. Why?

Atlanta has the eighth highest home foreclosure rate in America, though you would think it was No.1 the way people are trying to give houses away down there. New Yorkers move to the A’ to buy a big house for the same price as a studio in Manhattan. But how much will it cost to heat/cool that monster of a house? Is it far from midtown or your job?

With property values are way down, I decided that buying wasn’t the move yet. Renting would be a better idea. But to rent anything halfway nice, you are almost paying NY prices. Why you ask? Remember those foreclosures? Where do you think all those people went? Also Atlanta rental properties expect you to pay for water/sewage/trash removal on top of electric and probably gas. None of that is included in the rent most places. The Suburbs aren’t any better, whatever break you got on rent you will make up in gas prices ($4.19 a gallon for regular in the South!).

For that money I should just move back to Brooklyn. And that’s my new plan. I never lost love for New York, just my fake fabulous life. So I have decided that I will have a NEW fabulous life. In Brooklyn. Eyes open. Grown Up. Experienced. Prepared. Patient.

So I say HELLO BROOKLYN! Can’t wait to park my car and take the subway!


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