HOMEGIRL: Honey, You Are Over Doing It

Decorating comes is many different tastes; unfortunately, not all of them are good. Some of us don’t know how to accessorize our spaces while others simply do too much. Remember I’m traveling alot lately, so I keep seeing examples while I roam about the US. Here are a few tips on what not to do.

• Too many throw pillows on a bed. Do you really want to put all those back on the bed every morning?

• A TV above the mantel. This area should be a focal point for other reasons than your boyfriend’s Celtics VS. Lakers obsession.

• Hanging your art too high. You don’t want company straining trying to look up at your expensive or unusual pieces. By the time they return to eye level, only the crook in their neck will be memorable.

• Hanging your curtains too low. Window treatments are not meant to drag on the floor.

• A sofa set diagonally. This set-up only makes your space look smaller, always go for spacious.

• Pairs of everything. There’s nothing unique about this. Give away those matching bookends and mix and match!

• Rugs so white they require shoe removal. Who wants to rent a carpet cleaner ever month? Not to mention, what gathering can you really have (and enjoy) if you’re constantly worried about stains.

• Uncomfortable sofas. They are for sitting, remember? (And I firmly believe that if you can’t nap stretched out on your couch, it’s not worth the money- Steely D)

• Scented-candle overload! Please, one is enough. Your neighbors will thank you.

• The throw over the arm of your sofa. I’m guilty too, but I’ve reformed. (erm, I think I’m leaning on mine right now. **cheeks redden**- Steely D)


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