HOMEGIRL: Small Wonder

Just because you sacrificed space to live in The City—New York City, San Francisco, Tokyo, London or any other tight city you can imagine—doesn’t mean you have to relinquish your style. Here is how you can maximize your minimum home:

  • A room divider: You can’t go wrong with a classic small apartment staple. You can separate living and sleeping areas, or living and dining areas by adding a punch of style at the same time.
  • Wall-mounted shelves create space out of virtually thin air.
  • Mounting a flat screen TV on the wall saves space.
  • Use outdoor space as an extension of your home by arranging a lounge area. It will be like an added den.
  • Nesting: Stow a small table under a large one and pull it out when you need it.
  • Organization is key. Keep out of season clothes, old files and other things you don’t use everyday stowed away in numbered boxes (Ed. Note: and throw out what you don’t need. Salvation Army is ALWAYS happy to see you- Steely D). Keep a master list somewhere you can remember so you can find what you need.
  • Hide extra seating-say under the coffee table, for when company comes over.
  • One school of thought says that eye-popping color can overwhelm a small space. So keep a limited palette and leave some of your walls white.
  • Another school of thought says that eye-popping colors can make a small space look bigger. If you feel that way, make sure your colors and patterns speak to each other, but still leave some large white space.
  • Symmetry is extremely important in a limited space. Matching chairs, lamps, and side tables unify a space. If you use strip patterns, please don’t add flowered pattern pillows.
  • My FAVORITE: Skip getting a sofa and arrange 4 comfortable chairs around a round coffee table and voila! Easy conversation.


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