Hump All Day

So last night I was loading up my iPod with some serious R&B. I’m primarily a hip-hop dude–most days I’m bumpin’ some Jay-Z, Scarface or some old Redman and Biggie–but deep down I’m an R&B dude too. Unfortunately, these contemporary R&B cats are losing it. Outside of Ne-Yo, nobody is really making love songs anymore. We get tons of fuck songs but no love songs. The Dream has a hell of an album, but even he’s fucking on every song.
So as I’m going through my CD collection I come across some old favorites like K-Ci & JoJo’s Love Always album. Now this was a far cry from their Jodeci days when all they did was sing about fucking, no this album was on some serious “I Love You” shit.

After the brothers Jodeci, I came across a mixed CD I made some years ago comprised of some of my favorite singles like Chico DeBarge and Joe’s “No Guarantee.” Now that was a great love song. When Chico sings about “his one room apartment” and Joe about “making love every night on a squeaky bed”… What about Shai’s “If I Ever Fall in Love?” (I never could get into AZ Yet and their Shai-like “Last Night” or Dru Hill and their Jodeci-like “Tell Me”). Another classic is Silk “Lose Control,” it’s just a shame that no one is making music like this anymore.

Do ya’ll remember 112’s first self-titled album? Remember that first song where they sung “After we’re done what are you thinking?” See that’s how you know that you’re in love, when you finish doing it, you actually care what’s on the other person’s mind. Now don’t get it twisted I love to fuck just as much as the next guy, but that shit can get boring. It’s corny to bed a chick just for the sake of bedding her. For me, being at least infatuated with a girl was just as exciting. Looking forward to seeing her, being nervous, being able to spend time and really getting to know a girl, not knowing where things could lead. To me those are the ingredients to a great R&B song, plus if these dudes are really just fucking all day, what can they really tell me about relationships?

I associate most of my fondest memories with music. My very first slow dance in junior high was Mint Condition’s “Breakin’ My Heart” aka Pretty Brown Eyes. At 15, I remember breaking up with my first love and drinking away the pain away with St. Ides while bumping Blackstreet’s “Don’t Leave Me Girl.” You see these songs helped define our lives. I don’t need T-Pain to tell me how to buy a girl a drink, I got that covered. However, Ideal’s “Get Gone?” That was the perfect song to play after I caught my girl cheating and before I cursed her silly ass out. Even Keke Whyte and Avant’s “Nothing in this World” gave me some sorta framework for how to propose to my girl.

Maybe next time I take wifey out dancing I’d be able to relate to Usher’s “Love in this Club.” SMH.

-Al “Brooklyn” Bundy

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And here are a few of Bundy’s honorable mentions…

Joe & Chico’s “No Guarantees”

Silk’s “Lose Control”

112’s “Now That We’re Done” (the 808 on this is great-this is what Usher and Bey’s “Love in the Club” remix was shooting for…-Steely D)

Blackstreet’s “Don’t Leave Me Girl”

Ideal’s “Get Gone”

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