Morning Coffee: 6.10.08

The Garifunas of coastal Nicaragua. Esteban Felix / AP

The new Black Power movement isn’t taking place in United States or Europe–it’s in South/Latin America, and it’s about time. In many countries, racism that you would never believe would happen in 2008 is quite the norm. Maybe I won’t be confused with a prostitute when I try to check into my hotel now. {Newsweek}

The latest Indiana Jones flick has roots in an ancient Mayan legend, one that people still worship. Don’t doubt the powers of the crystal skulls! {LaTimes}

Remember when India unveiled the world’s cheapest car? Here is an exclusive look. And yes, we want one. {BBC}

In New Orleans, the post-Katrina wave of violence is holding back many residents from returning. Makes sense, why would you wanna go home just to get shot? {CNN}

Awww damm. We are TOTALLY late in wishing Prince a happy 50th. Prince, if you are reading, check out this really cool gallery of your career and wardrobe. Happy Belated! {Guardian}

So many of Hillary’s supporters are now threatening to vote for McCain now that she is officially out of the race. But not because he’s black! I think they are scared of the Obama fist bump. {CNN}

Oh, and because we know that next to the United States presidential election, the R.Kelly trial is on the entire world’s mind, here is an update. In a nutshell: the defense aka the “that wasn’t me in the video” team rested, but the prosecution came back with a new video expert–yes we are still trying to figure that mole out. {Tribune}


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