Morning Coffee 6.12.08

One of our favorite UK cheap & chic retailers, TopShop & TopMan, is coming to the US in October, NYC to be exact, and they are bringing all of the charm of it’s London flagship with it–complete with a celebrity VIP suite! They can keep the Kate Moss line though…even Barney’s got tired of it after a while. {WWD}

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s controversial terror detention plan was passed by a slender vote in the House of Common’s last night. Basically now in the UK, suspected terrorists can be held, without charges or explanation for up to 42 days. Charges of “vote buying” are running rampant. {Guardian}

From the late 1800’s to the late 1970’s hundreds of thousands of Native Indian children in Canada were taken out of their homes and sent to state-run boarding schools , so they could “Christianize” and assimilate into Canadian society….similar to what happened in Australia at the same time. Fast forward to 2008, the Canadian govt is issuing a formal apology…for some, it is too little, too late. {BBC}

Let the elderly have sex! I fully support my mom “doing it” after 80 if it makes her happy! Click on the link to see what I mean. {Slate}

Hmmm, are you like me and wondering about Kwame Kilpatrick these days, since the drama went nationwide? Well, it seems that a former bodyguard has filed another whistle-blower lawsuit this week. He claims he was harassed and bullied while employed during the various investigations on the Detroit Mayor. Here we go again! {DFP}

It’s Thursday! We are almost done!

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