Morning Coffee: 6.13.08

Our beloved Strawberry Shortcake has received a Hollywood makeover…and we aren’t that pleased about it. She looks like Lindsay Lohan, ewwwww. What’s next? Orange Blossom looking like Rihanna? {DListed}

The Barack Obama campaign has created the “Fight The Smears” site, dedicated to debunking the MANY myths/rumours about him and his family with factual information and supporting evidence. Call me crazy, but if he was white Hillary, I doubt that it would have to come to this. {FTS}

“The statements of our Kenyan brother of American nationality Obama on Jerusalem … show that he either ignores international politics and did not study the Middle East conflict or that it is a campaign lie.” Libyan leader, Muammar Gadafy isn’t too happy with Barack and his support if Israel. {Guardian}

In the UK, Kevin Tripp was killed in an incident of line-jumping rage in a local supermarket. Too bad he wasn’t the guy that actually jumped the line. Wait–all of this for line jumping?!?! {TimesOnline}

Check out what legendary actor Sidney Poitier has to say to his great-grandaughter (and our generation as a whole), in his new book “Life Beyond Measure, Letters to My Great-Granddaughter.” We heart Sidney (wanna be our grandpa?) {CNN}

And it’s FRIDAY!!!!


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