Morning Coffee: 6.17.08

Meet Del Martin, 87, and Phyllis Leon, 84—the very first couple to be married this week in California, as the state’s Supreme Court legalized gay marriage Monday evening after getting wishy washy back in 2004. Awwwwww. 2 grammies are better than one! {NYTimes}

Al Gore endorsed Barack Obama last night in Michigan. My only hope is Kwame Kilpatrick wasn’t there. {WashPo}

Tiger Woods won his third U.S. Open in a sudden death against Rocco Mediate. Jyeah! {Golf}

It seems that ‘lil Elian Gonzalez has joined the Young Communist Union in Cuba and is very pro-Fidel. Someone in Miami is pissed. {BBC}

America just loves a whore! We hoped that “Secret Diary of A Call Girl” would spark this type of discussion. We can’t front, we love that show. {Salon}

George Bush (US) and Gordon Brown (UK) are bitching Iran into “offers of partnership” or they won’t Iran sit at their lunch table anymore. {BBC}

The Vatican has banned Tom Hanks and Dan Brown from it’s grounds and Rome churches. Obviously, they gave The Da Vinci Code 2 thumbs down. {TimesOnline}

America’s children are fatties. Mickey-D’s eating little fatties compared to the rest of the world. Period. Wanna find out how? {TIME}


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