Morning Coffee: 6.18.08

In Brasil, most notably, Sao Paolo, Japanese immigrants (Nisei) are marking the 100 year anniversary of immigration to the country. Fact, Brasil has the largest population of Japanese people outside of Japan. Having just come back from there, we can attest, Japan runs Brasil. Shout out to Chie Mihara! {BBC}

Disney World isn’t really feeling beards and turbans, or the people who wear them…namely Sikhs of South Asian origin. Personally, I would hire Sihbir Channa anyday..he’s a cutie! {MiamiHerald}

As predicted, hundreds of gay couples in California were married yesterday. Why stop people from getting divorced? (sorry, im bitter). {LaTimes}

In Florida, Bob Hezzelwood, age 61 was thrown off the beach for a too skimpy speedo. Wait. Over 60 years old in a speedo? Wow. {Telegraph}

South Asian children are ruling American spelling bees like Blacks and basketball (c’mon, that is the truth). It all boils down to family. {BBC}

—JBaker says “Happy Hump Day!”

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