Morning Coffee: 6.19.08

It’s HERE. The All Black issue of Vogue Italia is out! With a four page fold out cover! This collector’s item hits Europe tomorrow and U.S. shoppes next week! {NYTimes}

Above: A sneak peek of David Beckham’s 2nd round of images in his campaign for Emporio Armani. So obviously, it’s for Emporio underwear because we never seem to see this man in clothes. {People}

Did you see Michelle Obama on The View yesterday? I knew there was a reason I wanted a T.V. in my office. She chopped it up about Laura Bush, patriotism and bacon. {NYMag}

It seems that i’m not the only one that copy edits everything I read…including takeout menus and party flyers. Grammar is important ladies! {WashPo}

Because gas it too high, President Bush wants to lift the 27-year old ban on off-shore drilling. Poor polar bears…{BBC}

UK doctors have made a serious breakthrough in cancer research by using a patients own immune cells. {Telegraph}

As expected, the rush of same-sex marriages in California has caterers in a tizzy. I can just imagine the groomzilla now…”I said I wanted CANAPES!” {NYTimes}

-JBaker is sooooo happy it’s Thursday!

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