Morning Coffee: 6.20.08

Well chicas, I’m about to take a break from the Coffee for a while, but don’t worry—DSteel will be holding it down with flash and flair. Besides, i’m still feeling the liquor from Alicia Key’s As I Am” tour wrap party on Wednesday night…as you can see from the flick above, it was a doozy. I’ll still be around, don’t worry. For now, here is some news to help you over whatever you did last night:

Here, we are in a recession lull, over in the UK–the economy is hot like the summer. {Independent}

Africa is turning it’s eye on the Zimbabwe election situation. Let’s see what happens. {BBC}
Anything in Zimbabwe is better than this.

Here in the ‘States, the Mississippi river is swelling, wiping out small cities and citizens…Bush went down there yesterday. Maybe he is trying to make up for Katrina? {LaTimes}

Scientology protesters have been known to be the victims of the organization’s air tight legal team and Tom Cruise. Now, the power of the internet and it’s anonymity is spawning a new breed of critics. {TimesOnline}

Pregnancy is exciting/tough/anxious time for any woman. So isn’t figuring out if your kid is straight or gay a bit much? {Slate}

Btw, it’s Friday!


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