Morning Coffee 6.24.08

A top McCain advisor, Charlie Black, slipped and told Forbes that another terrorist attack on American soil would help the republican’s presidential campaign. McCain is disassociating himself from that statement as you’re reading this. [USAT]

The Chinese government fired 12 officials after they mishandling funds pulled in from the quake while 31 others were reprimanded. Sounds vaguely like New Orleans after Katrina except I don’t remember anyone getting fired. Someone please tell me that I’m wrong. [BBC]

Um, apparently Shaq still thinks he can rap. The NBA baller was caught on film performing a diss rap aimed at former Laker teammate Kobe Bryant. Meanwhile, Kobe’s been recruited to the Olympic basketball team. **disclaimer- Steely D does not like Kobe, however she does think Shaq is LAME.** [LAT]

D’Angelo’s back…Did you hear? He’s working on a new album to come after his greatest hits, The Best So Far, which drops today. A new single should be out later this year, fingers crossed, and a new album next year. PLUS-word is, he looks like he did during those “How Does It Feel” days. **licks lips** [Billboard]

If Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth wasn’t enough to prove the fossil fuel is ruining the environment, James Hansen, one of the world’s leading climate scientists, called for the chief executives of large fossil fuel companies to be put on trial for high crimes against humanity and nature. Hardcore. [Guardian]

I’m not condoning anything- just asking…is it too early to watch R.Kelly’s “Trapped In the Closet” clips? I mean, it is still funny. [YT]

Cassie is BAAACK! Diddy’s favorite new girl just shot the clip for her first single, “Official Girl” featuring Lil’ Wayne. Check out the flicks. Do you care? [MTV]

Happy Tuesday! Not only do the BET Awards come on tonight- I have sneaking feeling that the special guest- MAXWELL – will make the show 12 times better. I am SO excited because I heart Maxwell and have been holding my breath until he makes releases another album. We’re not going to discuss how rumor says he’s been sitting on an LP for like the last umptine years. Please Lord don’t let him disappoint me with a bad falsetto or something.

image via Charles Dharapak/Associated Press

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