Morning Coffee 6.25.08

Is Vera Wang the next Martha Stewart? From wedding gowns to Kohl’s clothing and household items, I’m a fan. [NYMag]

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto (surprise surprise) is giving Don Imus’ susty comments about Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones a pass. Apparently racist people never say racist things in front of black people. That’s just crazy. [Fox]

Former US president Bill Clinton finally endorsed US democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama. The picture that the BBC chose is WAY TOO FUNNY. Bitter beer face! [BBC]

Over in Zimbabwe, Mugabe is growing more defiant as opposition grows, meanwhile opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has left the country for Europe. Tsvangirai pulled out of Friday’s run-off essentially saying it’s pointless because, regardless of the results, Mugabe will chose the winner. Mugabe says Friday’s election are a go. [Guardian]

Remember Jacob “the Jeweler” Arabov, who was always name-checked in all the hip-hop video but got caught up selling diamonds to drug dealers (namely the Detroit-based click, BMF)? He’s just been sentenced to two and a half years for lying to the feds. Smh, kinda gives new meaning to blood diamonds, eh? [WWD]

Kanye’s upset because people are saying that he doesn’t care about his fans after that susty Bonaroo Festival performance where he didn’t rap one line until like 2 AM. My favorite excerpt of his blog rant?

“This is the most offended I’ve ever been… this is the maddest I ever will be. I’m typing so fucking hard I might break my fucking Mac book Air!!!!!!!!”

I couldn’t make that up…only Kanye West. [KB]

Good Morning, **pushes over empty viognier glass** what’d you think of the BET Awards? Did you even care? Check out my live blog (before my power went out anyway…) and give me your comments! I wanna hear your opinion.

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