Morning Coffee 6.3.08

See! I wasn’t the only one who thought that ‘Sex and The City’ was a 2 hour long commercial. How many times was Louis Vuitton mentioned? How many bottles of Smart Water did we see? {Vanity Fair}

I’m also not the only one who thought it was too long and a bit unrealistic… {NYMag}

Yesterday, in the R.Kelly case (the one that we know you are totally holding your breath for), a “star” witness came forward to testify that she had some three-way action with the underage girl and Kelly. {Chicago Tribune}

What a shock! Millions of poor people with HIV/Aids around the works do not have access to the life-saving drugs that they need to survive. Coupled with the fact that in some countries, sleeping with a virgin is considered a cure for Aids…we have to do better! {BBC}

In the UK, nameless baby-daddies are to be no more. A new law, stating that all fathers will be required by law to sign their babies birth certificate is in effect. Now if that law only would require them to raise them too…{TimesOnline}

David Beckham and Puffy, style collaborators? Over. Meet, The Top. {Fashionista)

Zimbabwe president/dictator/thorn in country’s side decided to take a break from all of the starving people in his country to attend the UN’s world summit on the global food crisis….the one that he has a hefty hand in propelling. Not familiar? Imagine George Bush attending an anti-war rally. {CNN}


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