Morning Coffee: 6.4.08

Meet Barack Obama, our history making Democratic National Candidate. To the right is his wife, Michelle…who looks FABULOUS. That’s Right. Bitches… {NYTimes}

Bridget Bardot, the much fawned-over French film idol (aka, The Bang) hates Muslims. {BBC}

In South Africa, cases are being reopened all over the place for xenophobic (against what is foreign) violence. {CapeTimes}

“No Wire Hangers!” is much more than a ‘Mommy Dearest’ classic line. For those who can remember the days before the modern abortion debate–it brings them to a scarier time in women’s health. {NYC}

The shameful stabbing of south London’s Arsema Dawit is bad enough. What’s worse is that police knew that she was being stalked 12 days prior to her death. {Guardian}

-JBaker believes in having a choice when it comes to your body…

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