Morning Coffee: 6.6.08

In Brazil, military police have arrested army sergeant Laci Marinho de Araújo, who came out of the closet in an interview with a news magazine. Officials say it’s for him deserting the army. (Umm, ok.) This is right before President Inacio Lula da Silva is scheduled to address the country’s first national gay right’s conference. Oh, and he was arrested on live television. {BBC}

Swiss bank UBS is currently being investigated for some shady biz with some wealthy American clients. Funny money indeed. {NYTimes}

Zimbabwe is better than watching a soap opera. After the indefinite suspension of aid by the Mugabe controlled government, a group of US and British diplomats were detained at gunpoint. {TheIndependent}

Here in NYC, two men thought that is would be just awesome to spend the sunny day scaling a 52-story building that houses the New York Times…with no harnesses. The first guy did it stop Global Warming, the other guy apparently just likes to climb buildings. {Newsweek}

Sooo, back to the REAL news. In the R.Kelly trial, the mole tells all. Was it him, or wasn’t it him? My head hurts. {Tribune}


yes yes ya’ll. it’s FRIDAY!

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