New Beck (you’re welcome?)

It’s no secret that Beck is a weirdo, and that’s a good thing. We appreciate weirdos here at Parlour (we still like Jay Electronica right?). But this go round, instead of singing about how he’s a loser, his girl, or sitting idly by, Beck’s singing about chemtrails, a controversial hypothesis saying that jet aircrafts are dispersing chemicals in their vapor trails. What’s a vapor trail? You know, those pretty white puffy lines that jets leave behind while they fly about the world…and according to him, they’re responsible for:

biological weapons testing, military-industrial population control, clandestine global dimming, intercontinental communications systems, witchcraft.

Hm…Anyway, you can listen to his new single “Chemtrails” below. The song hit the web recently and I believe his album, Modern Guilt, drops next Tuesday, July 1. I can’t lie- the hippie in me digs this despite the interesting message. Thoughts, ladies?

ps. you know what else ? I like Cassie’s “Official Girl.” I know…I think I need a good date or something, lol.

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