Pound for Pound

When you look at this photo, what comes to mind?
More than anything said during Senator Obama’s acceptance speech, (regardless of Hillary’s refusal to officially accept that night), this image spoke volumes.

Volume 1: The Real Deal Factor. After 30 years as an American citizen, for the first time, I can actually relate to this man who may become our next president. When I turned 18, my best friend’s mother gave me a voter registration card and I have been an active participant ever since. However, I always felt a distance from the people I voted for—Democratic, Liberal, whatever. Perhaps they could relate to similar issues on the surface but were still untouchable and outside of my reality.

Volume 2: Real Love. Nothing excites me more than seeing two powerful people of color on the SAME PAGE, ready to rule the world. Blame it on Cliff and Claire or my upbringing, but it’s what I strive for and think about when choosing my own mate. Who can I partner with to make fundamental change? Clearly, it’s too late for Barack (he’s already taken), but I’m looking for that man who can combine consciousness with wit… education with an understanding of the system in which we all live. There’s something very attractive about that. Before I officially “endorsed” Senator Obama, I heard a speech that Mrs. Obama gave over a year ago, which inspired me to learn more about him. We talk about living in a country where our leaders serve as role models for the life that we want to live. Well, Michelle and Barack are mine and it’s beautiful to see that other Americans are starting to see their light as well.

Volume 3: Deal or No Deal. Either America can deal with the fact that we may potentially have our first African-American president or not. From the hills of Pennsylvania to the mountains of South Dakota, it’s a reality that America will have to address for the first time in history. It’s establishment vs. anti-establishment in a country that has been burned by President Bush for eight years. It makes perfect logical sense, but what will be the final verdict? How many American citizens can deal with the fact that their next president may have spent 20 years attending a church with an outspoken pastor who held his tongue for no one but made fundamental change in his community? How many voters can understand a president who hesitated to initially denounce an endorsement by the Minister Louis Farrakhan and whose “spiritual advisor” has been known to support his efforts? No more than I could relate to the lifestyles of George Bush, Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan, I imagine. And that’s why it’s time for a real wake up call, and CHANGE—in the real sense of the word, and I’m not thinking about a catchy political slogan. The only question is: are we really ready?


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